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How will my hearing devices be adjusted?

Lively hearing aids communicate wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. This allows your Lively audiologist to make periodic updates to your hearing aids via the My Lively mobile app, which you'll download and install prior to your first appointment.  

After you've been out and about with your hearing aids for a few days, you and your Lively audiologist will video chat to discuss your hearing experience so far. Based on that feedback, your audiologist will make finer adjustments to the device’s output to make sure it's tuned to your specific hearing needs. 

The adjustment period is an ongoing process; you and your audiologist will continue to hone your hearing profile as your ears get used to hearing in various situations. 

For example, if you've noticed that your TV sounds too loud, yet you're still having difficulty hearing conversations in a crowded room, you may just need a small adjustment to your settings to balance everything out. No need for an office visit or a long video chat; just request an update through the app and we can apply the changes remotely—usually within a few hours. 

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