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Why don't most insurance companies cover hearing devices?

Despite the fact that many people with hearing loss rely on their hearing aids to maintain quality of life, only five states require insurance coverage for adult hearing devices.

This great article from Healthy Hearing explains some of the reasons behind that, but the gist is, insurance companies don't see hearing device coverage as financially viable, and there isn't a lot of strong advocacy or lobbying to the contrary.

While we can't change the outlook of insurance companies overnight, we did find a way to mitigate the cost of hearing devices. Since Lively offers remote care, we don't incur the expenses of a typical brick-and-mortar audiology practice. We pass these savings on to our customers by offering hearing aids and care at about one third the national average.

While this price reduction is a game-changer for many, our work isn't done. We're continuing to work with our network of audiologists to expand access to affordable hearing aids.

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