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I’m connecting my Android device for the first time, but it’s not connecting – what do I do?

Please check the following:

  • Are the hearing aids paired to other smartphones in the room? If yes, please unpair/forget from other devices before proceeding with any pairing on a new device.
  • Are the hearing aids powered on before starting the pairing? If yes, wait to power on the hearing aids until after the pairing process has been started in the app.
  • Are the hearing aids paired via the phone’s Bluetooth menu already? If yes, forget the hearing aid pairing from the device, restart the hearing aids, and pair from the app menu instead.
  • Is the app reporting ‘Try again’ in the pairing or connect process? If yes, power off the hearing aids and try again. If it consistently won´t connect and the device is not whitelisted, the device is not compatible.

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