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Can I wear these hearing aids if I have glasses?

This is one of the main questions we get from prospective customers: will I be able to wear my new hearing aids and my eyeglasses at the same time? 

And we have some good news - you absolutely can. Fear not, a large portion of our customers that wear their hearing aids and glasses together do so comfortably and seamlessly. While it can definitely be an adjustment getting used to two objects behind your ear, a properly fitting hearing aid will stay put. In fact, the order in which you put them on doesn't quite matter, as long as the hearing aid is securely inserted into your hear and your glasses sit comfortably at the bridge of your nose.

The vast majority of people will have no issues wearing both, our tip is not to opt for glasses with particularly thicker arms, as it may feel like there's more going on behind the ear than with standard frames. 

Other than that exception, we're confident that you'll be able to enjoy a set of small, discreet BTE hearing aids from Lively with your existing eyewear. You can hear better worry-free (and look good doing it!).

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