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Android troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble connecting your Bluetooth for the first time, check the following common issues:

  • Check that your hearing aids are not paired to other smartphones in the room. If they are, unpair them and try again.

  • If your hearing aids were powered on before starting the pairing process, you may have difficulty pairing. Wait until after the pairing process has been started in the app to power on your hearing aids.

  • Do not pair your hearing aids using the phone’s Bluetooth menu. If they were, forget the hearing aid pairing from the device, restart the hearing aids, and pair from the app menu instead. There are special accessibility features that can not be accessed through the regular menu. 

  • If the app asks you to ‘Try again’ multiple times in a row, power off the hearing aids and try again. If this problem persists, check that your smart phone is compatible. 

If you are still having trouble, give us a call at 800-854-2772. Our team of Lively tech specialists are here to help.

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