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How do I purchase Lively Local?

As of today, our Lively Local offering is only available over the phone. 

Call us anytime to learn more at +1 855-952-4700. 

Purchasing our 1-hr in person orientation package works like this: 

First - Confirm that you’re a candidate 

  1. Take Lively’s online hearing test to confirm you’re a candidate for our hearing aids 
  2. Then, call our dedicated Lively Local phone line [+1 855-952-4700] for purchasing & scheduling

Then - Purchase your Lively 2 Pro hearing aids 

  1. Purchase your hearing aids via Lively Local’s dedicated phone line [1-855-952-4700] and we’ll take it from there! 
  2. We’ll schedule you with an in-person orientation at our nearest partner provider office
  3.  We’ll overnight your hearing aids directly to the office to ensure they show up before you do

Enjoy convenient care that leads to improved hearing!

  1. Get your 1-hour in-person evaluation, orientation & fitting
  2. Followed by Lively’s fully remote care for the remainder of your 3 yr care period 
  3.  This package is completely risk free for the first 100 days - return at any time for a full refund

To learn more about our new in-person care option and to schedule your in-person orientation, give us a call at +1 855-952-4700.

This offering is ONLY available with a purchase of the Lively 2 Pro. The in-person orientation is a one-time 1-hour appointment. Note that the in-office service charge will not be reimbursable by private insurance or Medicare, and Lively is only able to provide a receipt and bill of sale to customers who have coverage for and intend to seek insurance reimbursement for the cost of their hearing aids.

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