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What is Lively Local?

Is Lively's model all remote, or can I get in-person care? 


We understand that some people may prefer to go in-person for their initial hearing evaluation and fitting. That’s why we are now offering a new care option, which starts with a 1-hour in-person orientation with a hearing professional near you. We’ve partnered with trusted, licensed hearing specialists recommended by industry experts!


At your in-person orientation, your local hearing specialist will:


  • Validate your online hearing test results with a comprehensive onsite hearing evaluation in a sound-proof booth

  • Fit and custom program your new hearing aids to ensure everything feels secure and comfortable 

  • Pair your hearing aids to your smartphone, so you can leave the office fully set-up and feeling great

  • Address any additional questions or concerns 

After your in-person orientation, enjoy convenient remote care with Lively's remote audiology team!

  • Unlimited remote care with your Lively hearing specialist for the next 3 years

  • Free Lively app so you can control and adjust your own hearing aid settings 

  • For more fine-tuning, your Lively hearing specialist makes the adjustments and you can download them through the app - like magic

For only $2,195, here’s what’s included with our in-person care option: 


  • 100-day risk-free trial

  • Lively 2 Pro rechargeable hearing aids

  • Charging Case

  • 1-hour in-person orientation at one of our selected partner offices 

  • 3 years of Lively's unlimited remote care

  • Lively mobile app for full control over your hearing aids and care

  • 3-year warranty with loss and damage protection for the hearing aids

This offer is only available in the following locations at this time:

  • San Antonio, TX

  • Austin, TX

  • Rochester, NY

  • Columbus, OH

  • Durham, NC

To learn more about Lively Local, purchase and to schedule your in-person orientation, give us a call at +1 855-952-4700.

To learn more about our new in-person care option and to schedule your in-person orientation, give us a call at +1 855-952-4700.

This offering is ONLY available with a purchase of the Lively 2 Pro. The in-person orientation is a one-time 1-hour appointment. Note that the in-office service charge will not be reimbursable by private insurance or Medicare, and Lively is only able to provide a receipt and bill of sale to customers who have coverage for and intend to seek insurance reimbursement for the cost of their hearing aids.

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